KB: Copyright

Copyright Infringement Notification If you believe there is content on our servers that violates copyright law, let us know. Specifically, send us an email that includes substantially the following: A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. Identification of […]

KB: TrueCrypt Download

TrueCrypt is one of the most versatile encryption programs out there. Unfortunately, active development has stopped and the main website has gone offline. TrueCrypt was in the middle of an audit to verify its integrity when the project was suddenly shut down. The audit has since finished, proving that TrueCrypt is cryptographically sound, but development […]

KB: Public IP Address

There are several services out there that will help you find your Public IP. However, a lot of them have advertisements. Here you can check your Public IP without the ads. Alternatively, you can also go directly to the tool here: https://spartanproject.com/hosting/tools/ip.php. This is useful if you want to use a script to check your […]

KB: Encryption

Encryption is essential in protecting confidential data. It can be very easy to implement and maintain this configuration. As part of our IT Consultation service, we can assist with the following: Laptop full disk encryption Server full disk encryption System based encryption File based encryption Every day large companies have data breaches. Sometimes laptops are […]

KB: Data Protection

Data protection is the very center of our IT consultation business. Its “what we do”. On any consultation that involves data protection, we will provide you with a report of your data’s safety. This report will depend on the following factors: Disk redundancy Hardware redundancy Hardware life expectancy Off-site mirrors ZFS configuration ZFS snapshots Operating […]

KB: Nameservers

The purpose of a nameserver is to route traffic from a domain name to the server(s) responsible for hosting that domain. In order to point your domain to our servers, you should use the following nameservers: ns1.hosting.spartanproject.com ns2.hosting.spartanproject.com ns3.hosting.spartanproject.com The settings for this will be with your domain registrar.

KB: Warranty

Hardware Warranty Any hardware that has been recommended to you via consultation is not warrantied by SpartanProject. If an issue arises, we will do our best to diagnose the issue. If the issue is hardware related, then the proper recommendation will be made and we can replace it for you. Replacement will cost the price […]

KB: Billing

Payments We use Square for electronic payment processing Since we use Square, no financial information is collected or stored by us We also accept checks Monthly Services Invoices for each month are due on the first of that month New clients will be invoiced a pro-rated amount for that month, which is due on receipt […]