KB: Data Protection

Data protection is the very center of our IT consultation business. Its “what we do”. On any consultation that involves data protection, we will provide you with a report of your data’s safety. This report will depend on the following factors:

  • Disk redundancy
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Hardware life expectancy
  • Off-site mirrors
  • ZFS configuration
  • ZFS snapshots
  • Operating system configuration
  • Client configuration

Our Promise

Nobody can promise 100% data security insurance. Things happen – whether its configuration, hardware, or just accidental deletion by a user. Our promise to you is a fully transparent report of all advantages and caveats of your current setup, and your proposed setup. The only way to protect your data is redundancy. Multiple layers that work together in case of a failure. Our commitment to you is to provide the most verbose but easily understandable description of these things, so you can make an informed decision.