IT Services

For small businesses today, everything is computers. Whether you are storing your customer database, office documents, financial data, or emails; you cant afford to lose any of it. We can assist with the following tasks:

  • Local networked storage
  • Encryption
  • Local backups
  • Remote backups or mirrors
  • Custom computer design
  • Email server setup
  • Networking setup
  • General IT support

Local Cloud Storage

With all the news on data hacks, security should be on everyone’s mind – especially small business owners that store potentially confidential information. Often times they are not the target, but when one of the big cloud providers has a breach, anyone can be a victim. Why host your data on an online cloud service when you can do it just as easily and securely locally at your business? Utilizing one of our ZFS servers is painless, it can be configured for network access or even secure remote access if needed. Plus you get the benefits of ZFS (Zettabyte File System). When properly implemented, ZFS protects your data from all types of silent corruption. Plus, its used by many enterprise size storage systems. More information on ZFS and its benefits can be found here.


We can help you utilize encryption on workstations and servers. Full disk encryption is a must for laptops that contain sensitive information. Servers can also have their disks fully encrypted, in case of theft. A common myth about encryption is that its confusing to use or slows things down. When properly configured, full disk encryption should be seamless. And with today’s processors, encryption is no longer a bottleneck – even for a multi-disk server. You lock the door to your business at night right? There is no reason not to use encryption too.

Local Backups

Backing up to the cloud is usually very easy. But do you know if your data is secure or safe there? You have no idea what kind of security the cloud provider uses – or how they can ensure your data integrity. Using ZFS with a local backup server can be just as easy and seamless after configuration. Windows, Mac, and Linux can be configured to backup to a ZFS based server that runs locally at your business.

Remote Backups or Mirrors

Backups that are done locally can also be mirrored to another ZFS based system securely over the internet – so you can have the security of a disaster-recovery backup. This is how the large enterprise storage systems are setup, and you can have this too at your small business.

Custom Computer Design

The computers sold at most major electronics retails do not give you the most bang for your buck. Custom designing and building your own computer is not more expensive than buying one at a retailer, plus you’ll get the assurance that quality parts (with their own warranties) are used. We can design a custom PC to fit your needs, at any price point.

Email Server Setup

A lot of businesses, and people, are using the major online based email providers – such as Google Apps or Office 360. These services offer all the benefits that Google or Microsoft can offer, but they do not offer the peace of mind that your emails are safe or secure. The Do It Yourself method has its benefits and caveats, but if you like to be in charge of your own data then its the way to go.

Networking Setup

If you have multiple workstations, its crucial to be able to share data between them on a local network. We can assist with that.

General IT Support

There are many other scenarios that are not covered here that we can assist with too – just ask.